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Live Report: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-
October 13th 2008
The Knitting Factory
New York, NY

Tama and I left at 7am. We got to the venue at around 11am. There was a good number of people in line but not too many. We quickly got in line :).
We were all squished in the room where they sell the merch. We could hear Versailles doing a last minute sound check. When one of the staff went through the door, I saw Kamijo on stage. :) From what I saw he looked amazing. If felt like forever before we actually got into the stage area. but we did, and everyone ran over too. I was lucky to end up in second row which wasn't that bad. I decided to talk to the people around me since I knew we would be waiting there for god knows how long.

Finally Versailles came on stage. First was Yuki, then Jasmine You, then Teru, then Hizaki, and finally Kamijo. They were all so beautiful. I had a more than perfect view of Kamijo (whom I am a big fan of :]). The setlist is as follows:

Aristocrat's Symphony
Beast of Desire
Second Fear-Another Descendant-
The Love from a Dead Orchestra
Antique in the Future
After Cloudia
History of the Other Side
Forbidden Gate
The Red Carpet Day
The Revenant Choir

They were absolutely amazing. Kamijo's voice made me melt. & when he did those screams, dear god, it sounded like a musical orgasm or something - it was awesome. He liked to tease the crowd though, putting his hand out to the audience but too high for any of us to reach. I did touch his hand though later on. :) and his cape and his pants :D. yay for leather lol. Kamijo sure liked to put his foot on the speaker that was placed in the front center of the stage so, If I ever just looked forward, I had a good view of his crotch XDDD. but I tended to look up at his face mostly. He is such an expressive person. I mean it. I thought he was going to start crying during one song. ok now to tell you guys what I can remember of what happened during each song :).

1. Aristocrat's Symphony -
EVERYONE STARTED HEADBANGING!! and putting their hands up. Kamijo looked absolutely amazing, as did all the other members.

2. Shout&Bites
ok. before they started this song, I remember Kamijo pulling on his collar, exposing his neck more. I forget what he said exactly but it definitely had to do with the song. Then during the song, he went over to hizaki and leaned his in very close to his neck. (FANSERVICE OMG) (Kamijo would make such an handsome vampire ♥).

3. Beast of Desire -
I think I was too mesmerized to remember what happened in this song
After this song, Kamijo introduced the band and members. I thought it was very cute when he said "New York is VERY big" :)

4.Zombie -
I remember this one as being a very fun song, and one with a lot of headbanging :D. Kamijo really got into this one :)

5. Second Fear - Another Descendant-
lots and lots of headbanging again. I sang along with Kamijo :D. I really loved the part when he said "Second Fear". This is one of my favorite Versailles Songs :D.

6. Windress -
Personally, I thought Kamijo was about to cry, his face was so expressive. It was beautiful. I could somewhat breathe during song. I think during this song he was signaling us to be quiet, which was cute.

I forget during which part, but I remember him saying during one of the MCs
"My present to you..." ..."My present to you is my heart" Crowd: "awwwwwww."

7. The love from a Dead Orchestra - I think this is the song when I touched his hand. literally my hand was in his for about 3-5 seconds. Absolutely amazing.

8.Antique in the Future - I forget lol

9. Prince - before this song, I heard him talking about princess and I heard him say prince. Some people in the crowd yelled "Ouji-sama!" (which means prince in japanese)

10. After Cloudia - I can't remember what happened in this song XDD

11. Sympathia - another quiet song, somewhat. Kamijo and his expressiveness..absolutely astonishing.

12.History of the Other Side - I think this is the song where he was swirling his cape around. I remember singing along with this song as well, just an octave higher.(I'm a soprano 1 ;])

13. Red Carpet Day - THE CLAPPING :D omg fun. I absolutely love this song.

14. The Revenant Choir - Me and Tama were in line for merch during this song, but we still saw Kamijo and everyone perfectly. we were singing along too :D.

I'm sure during what part of the concert, but HIZAKI JUMPED INTO THE CROWD. I totally was not expecting that lol.


I got a t-shirt, GIANT poster, pin set, and last but not least...


Even though I didn't get home until about 1am. & I had school the next day too >.<, It was an amazing experience to see Versailles live in concert. & I hope they come back to New York soon. (since it really looked like they had a great time there :D)

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you had fun *pout* *whiiiiine*

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