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Selling Post!!
Yeah, I am finally going to sell some of my jrock related goods. -_-; since it seems impossible for a 17yr old such as myself to get a job, and I need money. lol.

o1. Miyavi- Dear my Friend[LMTD A-type]CD w/DVD

img 2 img 3
::Release Date: 4/12/2006
::Original Price: ¥1500(aprrox. US $16.64)
::Selling Price: US $9.99
Contains up-tempo, catchy song "Dear my friend" and indies era hit song "Itoshi Hito." Comes with bonus DVD including music video for "Dear my friend."...cdjapan

o2. Miyavi - MYV☆POPS[LMTD] CD w/DVD + extras

::Release Date: 08/02/2006
::Original Price: ¥3,619(approx. US $40.14)
::Selling Price: US $25.00
Miyavi's second album - a psuedo greatest hits to his catalogue features ten tracks including all singles released since "Kekkonshiki no uta" and the new song "We Love You - Sekai wa Kimi wo Aishiteiru." Limited edition includes...cdjapan

o3. Kra - Heart Balance[Type B REG]

img 2
::Release Date: 09/21/2006
::Original Price: ¥1200(approx. US $13.31)
::Selling Price: US $5.00
New single release from Kra shows off a new, more melancholic direction for the band. cdjapan


img 2 img 3 img 4
::Selling Price: $15.00 (originally bought for $30.00)
::Size: Tag says "F" which means "free size" but Japanese clothing runs small, so I would probably put it as a medium.
::Measurements: It doesn't say the exact measurements but it fits me quite well and my measurements are 34/28/33. (bust/waist/hips). The fabric is stretchy so it could probably fit someone a few inches bigger.


img 2 img 3
::Selling Price: $05.00 (bought for $12.00)
::Size: Tag said "XXS". It fits me. But be warned: the fabric is not as stretchy. It is made of 100% Cotton so It WILL shrink in the wash(most likely)!!

PLEASE NOTE: all items sold in this post come from a smoke-free home. All prices do not include shipping**. I accept paypal & money order(US only). If outside of the US, I will only accept paypal. Shipping will probably be through USPS. Shipping price will be included in invoice.

If you are interested in buying, please specify the item in a comment & leave your email and your desired payment method. You should receive an invoice within 24 hours.

^0^ thanks for looking!!! *bows*

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*is wondering if the sdl shirt will fit me if it's an XXS*
my chest size is 34" is that too big? if not I'll take it

I think it'll fit ^^;
I was surprised that the tag said XXS. O.o; Especially being a Japanese brand and everything, I thought it wouldn't even fit me lol. but I would say its like a medium to me.

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