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Title - An Angel's Love [1/??]
Author - shirubi_no_ai
Band - Alice Nine
Rating - PG.13-NC.17
Warnings - stuff maybe later on
Pairings - Hiroto/Shou
Disclaimer - I dont own anyone.

~He was like an angel. The young vocalist's voice mixed with the participating instruments.
"Shou" He repeated in his mind. He was almost hypnotized by not just his voice, but his looks also.
Soon, the song was over, and everyone was off the stage, except for Hiroto, who was still dazed, daydreaming.
"Hey Hiroto" Tora yelled from offstage, "practice is over, you know"
Hiroto suddenly snapped out of his daze, looking like he was lost. He then walked off the stage and started to put his guitar away. While he was kneeling down, he felt a hand land on his shoulder. He looked up to see Tora hovering over him.
"Hey are you okay" Tora asked, seeing that it wasn't the first time that he saw that he was spaced out like that this week.
Hiroto looked up, and tried to give a reassuring smile, "Yeah, Im fine"
Tora didn't believe it. He knew hiroto like a book read over 1000 times. He shot Hiroto an "im not gonna believe that" look.
"Its true" Hiroto argued back, "im ok" and with that he picked up his guitar case and walked out of the practice room. Tora ran after him.
"Hiroto wait!" he yelled, catching up to him. Hiroto then stopped in his tracks.
"What is it?" he asked, looking back at Tora who was out of breath.
"I know something is bothering you" He said, "why wont you tell me?"
Hiroto started to get a little annoyed by this. "Nothing is bothering me" he said in a harsh tone, his head down, staring at his feet. "I've just had an off week, thats all"
Hiroto then started to walk home again. Tora decided to leave him alone. Maybe Hiroto was just having an off week. Everyone gets them now and then. So, Tora turned the other way and started to walk to his apartment.

Hiroto unlocked his door and walked inside. He placed his guitar near the door and quickly took his shoes off. He sighed, plopping himself on the couch. The only thing going through his mind was Shou. For all the years he has been in Alice Nine, he never felt like this before. Sure he knew Shou looked more than nice, but he never really took it into perspective. Now, he is the only thing that can stay on his mind. He curled up on his couch, thinking about what he could do, but nothing came to him and if he told Tora, he would probably tease him. He started to fall asleep, until a loud knock on the door woke him and he jumped up and ran towards the door. He opened it to see Saga.
"Hey" Saga said with a pleasant smile, "Mind if i visit?"
"No" Hiroto replied also smiling, "I dont mind at all"
Saga then made his way into the small apartment and plopped himself on the couch.
"So what brings you here" Hiroto asked, sitting on the opposite side of the couch.
At first he is a bit hesitant in answering, "Tora told me to talk to you" he replied, "He said that you wouldnt talk to him." With this Hiroto got a little irritated, but tried not to show it and just nodded his head. "Did he say anything else?" He asked
Saga shook his head. "Both me, and Tora, actually the rest of the band has noticed you've been acting weird lately. is there a reason?" he asked curiously, wanting to know what was going on.
"I already told Tora I was having an off week" he replied, obviously annoyed.
Hiroto's face didn't help and Saga could easily tell that he was lying. He then points to Hiroto's face,
"You're lying" he said, in almost a serious tone, "So, what is REALLY wrong" he said softly, moving closer next to him. He put an arm over Hiroto who then looked up at Saga, about to say something.
"If you promise not to tell ANYONE, I will tell you"
With this Saga took Hiroto's hand and he crossed his pinky with his. "Promise" he replied with pleasant smile.
He dosen't know how he got it out, but he did. "I...l-like Shou" he said, blushing as he hid his face, turning away from Saga who was was in a bit of shock. Saga then turned Hiroto towards him, "its ok, its ok" he reassured,putting his arm back around him, "why dont you tell him?"
He stared at Saga like he was crazy. "I just can't go up to him and say "I like you"!" he exclaimed.
"You dont have to be so obvious about it" he replied, " I didn't tell you my idea."
Hiroto looked at Saga with curiosity. " ok, so tomorrow I was thinking about going out to get a bite to eat with rest of the band after practice tomorrow. This will give you your chance to talk to Shou more, and if you're ready, then tell him" Hiroto thought about it and decided to agree.
"Ok" he replied "lets go with it"
Saga smiled and decided to make his way out of Hiroto's apartment. After they waved goodbye, Hiroto shut the door, smiling to himself. "I might finally get my chance, finally"


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