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Title - An Angel's Love [2/??]
Author - shirubi_no_ai
Band - Alice Nine
Rating - PG.13-NC.17
Warnings - stuff maybe later on
Pairings - Hiroto/Shou
Disclaimer - I dont own anyone.
Chapter 1

It was the following day. Practice went well, nothing strange about it at all. They all started to make their way out of the practice room. Hiroto picked up his guitar case and walked over to Saga who was standing by the door.
"Did you tell them?" hiroto asked, his eyes filled with curiosity.
Saga nodded. "We're all going to the restaurant by Nao's apartment." He replied, smiling casually. Hiroto smiled back, and then walked out of the room and caught up with the others. Once they caught up, hiroto turned shy, almost trying to be unnoticeable. He was right behind shou. Saga gave him a slight smirk, even though he didn't seem to notice it.
About 10 minutes later, they walked in to the small restaurant. Tora sat with saga, as did nao leaving Hiroto to sit with shou. For some reason, hiroto felt like they all knew, except for shou. Trying not to be too obvious hiroto quietly sat down. Shou blinked at him, noticing that he's acting a little different.
"Hey" shou said, trying to start up a conversation,"are you okay? you've been acting different this week"
Hiroto looked up, only to look back down as he answered "oh,..ummm..i've been having an off week, thats all" his voice almost shaky. Shou nodded "Ah.." then there was an awkward silence. "So, umm..what do you think about today's practice?" shou asked with a faint smile.
"It.was..good" hiroto forced out..why was he acting so strange? He used to be able to talk to shou normally, almost all the time. why can't he now? Even though Saga made it sound easy..It wasn't so easy to do. Then, Everyone placed their drink orders. and started talking again. Except for hiroto and shou. Shou knew something else was bothering hiroto, but he didn't want to annoy him, So, shou just kept away from that subject and tried to find something else to talk about...but it didn't turn out too well. Hiroto's mind was filled with anxiety and nervousness..he didn't know how to act. Soon, their drinks came and they then placed their food orders. Everything went smooth, but an awkwardness filled shou and hiroto. Everyone started heading out. Shou suddenly grabbed hiroto back. "Really, hiroto, what's wrong?" His eyes filled with concern. Hiroto tried to get away. "Its nothing" he replied, with an annoyed tone. Shou then let him go and hiroto ran out of the restaurant. 'what's up with him?' shou thought to himself, 'i guess i'll never find out'. Hiroto ran home as fast as he could. 'Why did i do that??' he asked himself, 'i could've told him then..Why didn't I' He then walked into his apartment. He went straight to his bed and burried his head into his pillow. Suddenly a tear fell and sank into his pillow. 'If I like him, why can't i tell him?' He went to bed very early that night, hoping more sleep will solve his problem.
It was the next day at practice. They have been practicing even more than usual since they have a concert coming up soon. "Okay, everyone take a break" Nao said cheerfully. Everyone sighed in relief and set their instruments down before walking off stage. Hiroto walked over to shou who was sitting there, finishing his bottle of water. "ummm.." hiroto thought for a second about what to say "Sorry for yelling at you yesterday" he apologized, bowing down slightly. "Its ok" he said with a reassuring smile, "You said you were having an off week right" Hiroto smiled and nodded. "ummm..shou?"
"can I speak to you for a minute outside?" Hiroto couldn't believe what he just said, he just hoped that he'll be able to tell him the truth. 'I dont care what he thinks' Hiroto thought to himself as he held the door open for shou, 'I'm going to tell him'.


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