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Title - An Angel's Love [3/??]
Author - shirubi_no_ai
Band - Alice Nine
Rating - PG.13-NC.17
Warnings - Some Stuff maybe later
Pairings - Shou/Hiroto
Disclaimers: I dont own Anyone
Chapter 1|Chapter 2

'im going to tell him' hiroto repeated in his mind, walking outside the practice room. He turned towards shou, head down. Shou watched him, not sure what to think. He had no idea what he needed to tell him. Then, hiroto moved closer to him.
"I know you might not understand this.." he looked up at shou, almost about to cry. Shou looked down at him, a little worried.. "But" he contiued.."Shou...I like you" those last words were said through tears falling through his eyes. Shou had a shocked, but understanding face as he took hiroto in his arms.
"hiroto" he said quietly, caressing the younger one's back,"is this what has been bothering you?"
Hiroto nodded, still crying. "please dont hate me" he pleaded. "I know i probably sound stupid, but I do, I like you shou, a lot" Shou lifted hiroto's chin up and smiled at him. Hiroto stopped crying as he saw shou's beautiful smile.
'He's not mad' he said to himself joyfully, 'I wonder what he thinks of me'...
"Umm..Shou?" hiroto said, his chin still being held up. " think of me?" Shou paused for a bit. Then, without any words, He leaned in towards hiroto. their lips touched softly at first, until shou pressed harder. The kiss was quick, and hiroto was left speechless, staring up at shou. Shou was then pulled into a tight embrace as he feels hiroto's arms around his waist. He accepted the hug and put his arms around hiroto.
"hiroppon.." he whispered, "I have liked you all along..I was just scared that you wouldn't. Im guess I'm good at hiding my feelings since no one really noticed" Hiroto laughed at bit. "thats good to hear" Hiroto looked up at shou with a confused face. "Eh?"
"You were laughing silly" Shou then playfully tapped his nose. He chuckled a bit as it scrunched up. "you're too cute" , hiroto blushed a bit.
"dont say that" he conplained, "you're making me blush" . They both laughed and went back inside the practice room. Everyone was talking until they heard the door open, their attention now fixed on the smiling Shou and Hiroto. 'I guess it worked out between them' Saga said to himself, a smirk on his face. 'but I better keep my mouth shut'. Since they decided to stay out of their bandmates' business, they started practicing again like nothing ever happened.
The rest of practice went without incident. Hiroto seemed 100 times happier as they saw he had a lot more energy. He noticed that shou occasionally kept on looking back at him and smiling. He always smiled back, happy to know that he's not hated, but loved. Loved by the one he adores. It was now the end of practice and the last practice of the week. They all put their stuff away. Nao was the first one to leave followed by Saga and Tora. The only two people left in the room were shou and hiroto. He was still putting his guitar away, as shou knelt down beside him. Hiroto looked over at shou and saw a smile on his face. He smiled back and went back to putting his guitar away. Once Shou noticed that he was done, he grabbed his hand.
"you are coming with me" he said happily, a smile still plastered on his face. Hiroto had no choice but to follow him, for he still had a tight grip on his hand. 'where is the angel leading me?' hiroto thought to himself and smiled. Before he knew it, they were infront of a large building. "Where are we?" Hiroto asked, staring up at the large building.
"My apartment" Shou replied, grabbing out a set of keys. Hiroto didn't know what this angel had in mind, but he didn't care. His hand was then taken and he was being escorted inside the hotel. It was beautiful. "Wow" hiroto said, looking around the near perfect room."your place is nice" Shou blushed at the compliment.
"No its not" he said back,"your's is probably better"
Hiroto stared at shou like 'yeah, i wish'. "Yeah right" he replied, "mine is so small, i dont know how I even fit in there" Shou laughed. Hiroto was very small, he could probably fit anywhere. He then came up behind hiroto and hugged his waist tightly. They collapsed on the couch laughing. "what was that for?" hiroto asked, still squished underneath Shou. "I just WANTED to squish you" he replied sarcastically. They both started laughing, as they cuddled on the couch.
'this love' hiroto thought to himself 'could only be an angel's love'


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